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Goodbye from CeroSpam

Hi All,

We are writing to let you know that, sadly, we will have to shut down
our Cero Spam service.

In more than 12 years since we launched, Cero Spam gave us the
opportunity to learn a lot and serve many of you who chose our service
to protect your online forms. We are very grateful for your support
and wish you the best for your web projects.

The Internet has changed a lot in the past decade, so we are moving on
to work on other very interesting projects. If you are interested in
learning more, just reply this e-mail with your e-mail address and
we’ll keep you posted.

We will be online until January 5, 2019.

Thank you again!

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CeroSpam is also green

Hi everyone!
We received an interesting suggestion from a CeroSpam user, Claudia. She usually prints the CeroSpam email reports (those with form's submissions) and needs for that to have a better formating in the message. In her own words: “we can save a lot of trees...” :D
Well, she is right! So, we made the changes to provide a better and shorter formating in the messages. CeroSpam continues to be free and now is also green!
Thank you, Claudia!

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Great news from CeroSpam

Hello everyone!

We've worked very hard with the CeroSpam project during the last times. The project is celebrating its first birthday, and we can say that it is really successful. Since CeroSpam's start it has been ready to protect your forms almost a million times!

We've also received a lot of feedback from you, which is very important to help us to improve CeroSpam services. But our effort is consuming a lot of resources, so we decided to request an additional support to the CeroSpam's community.

Now you can support this project by giving a donation to CeroSpam through a PayPal account. This will help us to continue doing our best with this project. If you decide to make a donation, you only need to visit and click on the "Make a Donation" button, at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, once again, for your support. And, please, continue sending your thoughts! They are really important for us.

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System improvements

Today we have made some improvements to Cero Spam system. Now webmasters have more options when configuring their forms. The most suggested by you: an option to choose what e-mail to use to receive form processing results.
How many forms can you setup at Cero Spam? There are no limits! You just need to sign up to create your account, and then to set up in the admin area all the forms you want to protect.
What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

2006-03-30 16:48:32 | Permalink

Day 8 updates

Hi everybody. Our service has included new updates today, basically: a more simplified process of edition for form items in the admin area and a way to customize the captcha image displayed in your forms (see "get code" area).
If you did not test Cero Spam yet, sign up now!

2006-03-20 18:26:32 | Permalink

Day 6

More and more users are testing our service. Thank you for all the comments.
We are working in some improvements for the system. Keep in touch signing up for our e-mail updates now.

2006-03-18 18:21:45 | Permalink

Day 5

After more than 4 days of testing, the system appears to work fine. No bugs until now, and spam filter's efficiency is optimal.
Daniel helped us today in editting our home page. Thank you!

2006-03-17 18:40:43 | Permalink

False positives

I must thank to Saurier for his comments, regarding the possibility to see the form activity as a way to check out if the system is generating "false positives" (real submissions that are considered spam erroneously). Unluckily, we could not set up a screen to do that until now, but it is only a matter of time..
After doing a lot of tests, our system has showed 0 (zero) false positives. Yes, that sounds great! Notwithstanding this, we are working day to day to improve even more the system, based primarly in your comments. Thank you!

2006-03-16 12:42:53 | Permalink

Day 2

Ok. All looks very good. We have received the first feedback and now we are working to improve the service.
I think that this project will be very useful for all the webmasters getting tired by spam in their forms.
Remember, send us your comments, even if you do not sign up for the service. We want to know your thoughts!

2006-03-14 18:08:49 | Permalink

Cero Spam

Hello everybody!
Cero Spam has went online just some minutes ago.
We will be testing the service in beta version during the following days.
Please, if you sign up, do not hesitate to send us your feedback!

2006-03-13 10:42:29 | Permalink

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